CES’s strategy is simple: bring together and empower highly talented, dedicated professionals to help clients succeed. CES’s consultants average more than 20 years of experience in executing large-scale change in both government, defense, and commercial organizations.
CES’s core is made up of business, information and technology management experts experienced in helping organizations move seamlessly from concept to reality. We partner with our clients to establish need, align resources, implement existing and new projects to achieve their mission objectives, sustain value, and measure their success.


John Citizen, PRESIDENT

John is the President and founder of CES with 20 years of experience in leading Government and Commercial IT organizations in IT business strategy, enterprise architecture, operations management, and lean six sigma.

John founded CES with the vision that bringing together highly motivated and talented individuals can help organizations successfully minimize complexity and execute change. John is a lead-from-the-front visionary who has led initiatives to execute major transformation and change initiatives for the Homeland Security Industry, and Commercial Banking Organizations.

He brings organizational leadership experience from BearingPoint, Battle Resource Management Incorporated, Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Project Performance Corporation, and Bank of America.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts from ODU, and a Masters in Information System Management from Walden University. He is committed to education, social empowerment, and youth causes.